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May 2014, Vol 2, Issue 3
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Original Article
A Cross-Sectional Study on Post-Partum Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity And Maternal Deaths in A Tertiary Level Teaching Hospital of Eastern India
Indrani Das, Mousumi Datta, Sandip Samanta, Biswajit Mahapatra, Partha Mukherjee

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 113-118)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.18
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The Effect of Nitric Oxide with Minimal Stimulation on Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Kobre Amir Ajam, Laya Farzadi, Mohammad Nouri, M M Sadagheani

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 119-130)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.19
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Preventive Analgesia with Intravenous Paracetamol for Post-cesarean section Pain Control
Simin Atashkhoyi, Sousan Rasouli, Zahra Fardiazar, Morteza Ghojazadeh, Pouya Hatami Marandi

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 131-137)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.20
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Prevalence of Multidrug Resistant Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Gram-Negative Bacteria in Neonatal Sepsis
Ali Peirovifar, Mohammad Ahangarzadeh Rezaee, Manizheh Mostafa Gharehbaghi

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 138-145)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.21
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Maternal Satisfaction about Prenatal and Postnatal Cares in Vaginal and Cesarean Section Delivery at Teaching and Non- teaching Hospitals of Tabriz/ Iran
Somayyeh Naghizadeh, Sahar Azari, Fatemeh Mohammady, Mehdi Ebrahimpour mirza rezaei, Fahimeh Sehhati

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 146-154)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.22
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Fetal & Neonatal Outcomes of the Magnesium Sulfate and Nefidipine in Suppression of Preterm Labor
Fahimeh Sehhati Shafaie, Fereshteh Fartash, Zahra Fardiazar, Morteza Gojazadeh

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 155-159)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.23
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Sleep Hygiene and its Related Factors Among the Elderly in Tabriz, Iran
Soheila Bani, Shirin Hasanpour, Jamileh Malakuti, Parvin Abedi, Somayeh Ansari

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 160-167)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.24
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Therapeutic Efficacy of Dexamethasone Phonophoresis on Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis in Elderly Women
Vahideh Toopchizadeh, Roja Javadi, Bina Eftekhar Sadat

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 168-177)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.25
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Urinary Incontinence During Pregnancy and Postpartum Incidence, Severity and Risk Factors in Alzahra and Taleqani Hospitals in Tabriz , Iran, 2011-2012
Fatemeh Mallah, Parinaz Tasbihi, Nazli Navali, Azadeh Azadi

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 178-185)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.26
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Ultra-structural Study by Transmission Electron Microscopy: Effect of Omega-3 on Ovary Cell Organelles after Experimental Induced Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome
Elahe Ouladsahebmadarek, Arash Khaki

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 186-194)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.27
Abstract | Full Text(PDF) | Related Articles
Practice of Iranian Adolescent Girls Regarding Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene and its Predictors, 2013
Sakineh Mohammad-Alizadeh Charandabi, Mojgan Mirghafourvand, Sima Saghi, Simin Seidi 2, Azad Rahmani, Somaieh Zareie

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 195-204)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.28
Abstract | Full Text(PDF) | Related Articles
Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction and its Effect on Women's Health (Female Versus Male)
Elnaz Asghari, Mohammad Reza Taban Sadeghi, Razieh Parizad, Nasrin Mohammasdi jhale

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 205-213)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.29
Abstract | Full Text(PDF) | Related Articles
Prediction of Age at Menopause in Women of Suburban Areas in Chennai Using A Model of Fsh Over Age - A Pilot Study
SM Priyadharshini, VS Kalaiselvi, K Prabhu, P Devaraj, Prakash S, K Prasanth, V Prasanna E

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 214-218)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.30
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Letters to Editor
Pathogenic Effects of Genital Schistosomiasis on Men and Women Health
Yagoob Garedaghi

(IJWHR 2014; 2: 108-112)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.17
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