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Mar 2013, Vol 1, Issue 2
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Improvement Effect of Rosmarinic Acid on Serum Testosterone Level after Exposing with Electromagnetic
Arezoo Farsi1, Arash Khaki2, Fatemeh Fathiazad3, Fatemeh Afshari4, Laleh Hajhossini5, Amir Afshin Kahki6
1Faculty of Medicine,Tabriz Branch,Islamic Azad University,Tabriz-Iran
2Women's Reproductive Health Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
3Department of Pharmacognosy, Tabriz University of medical sciences, Tabriz-Iran
4Department of Histopathology, Tabriz Branch , Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
5Department of Food and Nutrition Science, San Jose State University, CA, USA
6Department of Anatomical sciences, Tabriz University of medical sciences, Tabriz-Iran

IJWHR 2013; 1: 045-050
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2013.08
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Downloaded : 4765 times.

Keywords : EMF, Rosmarinic acid, Testosterone
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Objective: Rosmarinic acid has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities and helps to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals and other sources.

Material and Methods: Male Wistar rats (n = 40) were allocated to four groups, a control group (n = 10) and three treatment groups (n = 30). The first treatment group received rosmarinic acid (5 mg/kg body weight) by gavage method, the second test group received rosmarinic acid (5mg/kg body weight) by gavage and electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure at 50 Hz for 42 consecutive days, whilst the third test group just received EMF exposure for 42 consecutive days respectively; however, control group received 5cc Normal saline (0.9% NaCl) daily by gavage method.

Results: In 42nd day of research, 5 cc blood was collected for testosterone level measurement from whole groups. The level of testosterone significantly increased in groups that received Rosmarinic acid (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Since in our study administration of 5mg/kg Rosmarinic acid significantly have increasing effect on decreased testosterone that is caused by EMF, it seems that using Rosmarinic acid as food additive can be efficient for supporting people living in EMF environmental pollution.

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