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Jan 2024, Vol 12, Issue 1
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The Evaluation of Endometrial Sampler SAP-1 in Screening Patients With General Risk of Endometrial Cancer: A Diagnostic Test Study
Hong Yu1, Zeng Wei-ke2, Lu Huai-wu3, Li Chun-ke1, Liang Hai-qi1, Chen Qing-ye1
11Kiangwu Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Macau, Chinbr>2Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Radiology, Guangzhou, China

IJWHR 2024; 12: 003-007
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2023.8121
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Keywords : Endometrial sampler, Endometrial cancer, Screen, General risk
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Objectives: In recent years, early screening for endometrial cancer (EC) has received increasing attention. EC screening is recommended to be conducted among high-risk and risk-increasing populations, while the general-risk population, even with symptoms, is not within the scope of screening. This study aims to explore the role of endometrial sampler SAP-1 as a sample-collecting tool to screen EC among patients with general risk.

Materials and Methods: From August 2018 to June 2023, 275 patients, who were hospitalized for undergoing hysteroscopy and were confirmed as having a general risk of EC, were enrolled in this retrospective study. Before the procedure, endometrial samples were firstly collected by the method of SAP-1, and then hysteroscopy curettage or electrotomy was conducted to gather endometrial samples. With the pathological results of the latter as the gold standard, the diagnostic efficacy of SAP-1 sampling was analyzed.

Results: The sample satisfaction rate of SAP-1 was 91.4%, slightly lower than that by method of hysteroscopy (95.1%), but there was no significant difference between the two methods (P > 0.05). The samples of 275 cases were satisfied with both methods. One case of endometrial carcinoma and one case of precancerous lesion were misdiagnosed as normal endometrium with SAP-1 sampling. The sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of SAP-1 in diagnosing endometrial carcinoma and precancerous lesions were 88.2%, 100% and 99.3%, respectively.

Conclusions: Applying endometrial sampler SAP-1 to screen EC among women with general risk of EC has high diagnostic efficiency, easy manipulation, high safety, and can be completed in outpatient service with outstanding cost-effectiveness, which as well is worthy of clinical promotion.

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